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Power Plant


The founder of the firm is a professional engineer with over 25 years of working experience in Mechanical Engineering, Design of Pressure Equipment, Construction, Technical Services, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Welding Engineering, Utility Services, NDE Areas & Post Construction in Canadian Province of Ontario, Province of Saskatchewan as well as Province of Alberta for ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Equipment Design, Industrial Construction and Project Management  for Conventional Power Plant, Refinery, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Mining Industries, Agriculture Industries, Auto Industries, Refrigeration Industries, Transport Industries & Nuclear Power Plant in Canada.

Based in Regina, SK, Canada, ABM Industrial Services Inc. provides CRN Registration, Design Engineering Services, Inspection Services, welding engineering & technical services at very cost-efficient.

We have compliance experience with different Codes, Standards & Canadian Regulations.


Our Professional team also Member of ASME, AWS, as well as represent ASME B & PV Code & CSA Standard Committee.

ABM Industrial’s hands-on approach to engineering is adapted to meet your technical and professional needs and supply cost-efficient solutions to your technical problems regardless of the project size.


ABM Industrial’s supplies specialized expertise in the areas of Engineering & Design, CRN Registration all across Canada, Technical Services, Welding & Brazing Registration, Inspection, Quality Assurance & Quality Control manual for ASME Code Stamp for Pressurized Equipment, Pressure Piping and Nuclear component and system.


ABM Industrial pride itself in superior performance, prompt and quick job completion, cost-effectiveness because of low overheads for clients due to low manpower cost of the company and anytime customer support before and after the job completion.



ABM INDUSTRIAL SERVICES INC., provides services all across Canada in the field of Professional Engineer & CRN Registration of Boilers and Pressure Vessels design, Pressure Fittings design & Pressure Piping design registration for Plant, Alteration & Re-rate CRN Registration of Pressure Equipment in Conventional Industries as per of Canadian Standard CSA B51 & Provincial Boiler and Pressure Vessel Acts & Regulations., CRN Registration of Nuclear components & system as per Annex C of CSA N285.0-08/12 in Nuclear Industries.

ABM Industrial Services Inc., has a team of experienced professionals who can help clients with the CRN registration process. The company's services in this area include:

Consulting and guidance on CRN requirements and regulations

Preparation and submission of CRN applications to the appropriate regulatory bodies

Assistance with obtaining CRN certification for pressure vessels, fittings, and piping systems

Ongoing support and maintenance for CRN compliance.

By working with ABM Industrial Services Inc., clients can ensure that their pressure vessels, fittings, and piping systems comply with Canadian regulations and operate safely and efficiently.

ABM INDUSTRIAL SERVICES INC., holding “Permit to Practice" Authorization for Providing Professional Engineering Services in Province of Alberta, Canada.

(The APEGA permit is a permit to practice of engineering in the Province of Alberta)

ABM INDUSTRIAL SERVICES INC., provides third-party Inspection Services for In-service Inspection of Boilers & Pressure Vessels, Installation Inspection of Boilers and Pressure Vessels, Repair/Alteration Inspection of Boilers & Pressure Vessels as per National Board Inspection code NB-23, CSA B51 plus Jurisdiction requirements.


  • Design Engineering Services for Boilers & Pressure Vessels, Fittings, Nuclear Components & System, Design Engineering Services for Power/Process Piping, Design Engineering Services for CSA Z662,Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems.

  • CRN Registration (design registration) of Boilers and Pressure Vessels All across Canada as per ASME BPVC Section I, ASME BPVC Section IV, ASME BPVC Section VIII- Div. 1, Div.2, Div.3, ASME BPVC Section X, XII, CSA B51, Provincial Boiler & Pressure Vessel Act & Regulation; (To help Owner, Designer & Manufacturer for getting Canadian Registration Number All across Canadian Provinces)


  • Fitting Design Registration (CRN) for All across Canada as per Provincial Boiler & Pressure Vessel Act & Regulation, CSA B51 & CSA N285.0-08/12 requirements.


  • Piping System Design Registration as per ASME B31.1, ASME B 31.3, ASME B31.5 & CSA B51 All across Canada.


  • Re-rate/Alteration/Fitness for Service, Design Registration of Pressure Equipment as per National Board NB-23/API-579-1, CSA B51 and Provincial Boiler & Pressure Vessel Act & Regulation All across Canadian Provinces.               


  • Design Registration (CRN) of ASME Section III Div.1, Div.5 (Nuclear components & system) as per Annex C of CSA N285.0-08/12 for Nuclear power plant in Canada  

  • Preparation & Registration of New ASME BPVC Section IX, WPS/PQR/WPQ & Standard Welding Procedure Specifications with All across Canadian Provinces.


  • Preparation of Quality Control & Quality Assurance Manual for ASME Code Stamp shops, CSA B51 shops & CSA N285.0 shops.


Please contact us for our price quote & service details at  Email : 

                                                                                           Phone : 1-3063515490

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